WOTFA Archiving Project
Bill Crabtree | 1/12/2012

On other fronts, the situation with preservation of recorded fiddle materials in our region needs some discussion.  As you are aware, all of our tapes from the past 50 years are at the University of Columbia, Missouri.  However, we made CDs of all these recordings before sending the original tapes to Missouri.  The NW fiddling mp3 tunes we have on our web site are just a fraction of what we have.  In addition, Stuart and Catherine Graham have just finished copying to CD and cataloging Stan Jackson's tape recordings.  We also have Cathy Sisco's recordings, and I just finished transferring to CD all of Harry Johnson's.  We also have all of Linda Danielson's field recordings of Oregon fiddlers, some of whom Stuart learned from when he was living in Eugene.  Right now, Linda's tunes and interviews of the fiddlers occupy around 50 gb of space on hard drives at our place and Stuart's.  It would be great if we could get some help in dealing with all this material, which represents, essentially, the last of the traditional Northwest dance fiddlers.  A few years ago we thought that, perhaps, some of the folks in WOTFA might have tapes of their ancestors in the closet that should be in such an archive.  Stuart did put a small notice in the WOTFA newsletter at that time about "Treasures in the Closet," but did not follow up on this as he figured there was no space to store tapes that might come in from such a plea.  We wish we had known as we have had space to store them.  This is a project that probably should be revived before it is too late.  We have no idea, for example, of what happened to the many tapes made by Joe Hanson and Ray Wright.  Joe sent us some amazing tapes of Steve Crawford several years ago, for example.  Do you think that anyone in WOTFA would be interested in getting involved in a WOTFA archiving project?  Stuart will be getting together with us in the next few days to brainstorm what we might do.  Once this material is gone, it is gone forever.

Phil Williams


Name Pat Nutt
Email mspnutt@juno.com
I'd be willing to help in any way I can. Pat Nutt

Name Tegan Brewster
Email red80spider@hotmail.com
I can convert tapes into MP3's and/or convert to audio CD's. let me know if you need some help. David Burke red80spider@hotmail.com