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Copyright Considerations by Noel Lareau  Bill Crabtree | 10/19/2012
Copyright Factoids
1. The first U.S. copyright law is in the Constitution, and states that the Congress shall have power to promote science and useful arts, by securing for limited times
WOTFA Archiving Project  Bill Crabtree | 1/12/2012
On other fronts, the situation with preservation of recorded fiddle materials in our region needs some discussion.  As you are aware, all of our tapes from the past 50 years are at the University of Columbia, Missouri.  However, we made CDs of all these
Preserve and Promote  Bill Crabtree | 10/8/2011
Preserve and Promote Old Time Fiddling and related arts. This is the mission statement of the Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association. Founded in 1965 by a handful of dedicated musicians and devotees of old time music, WOTFA has grown to about 1200 current members.
Copyright Factoids  Noel Lareau | 8/7/2011
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